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Progress on my 5 Before 50 Goals as of June 22.

Read about my goals it here.

I’m not seeing much improvement on the writing and scrapbooks. Painting is kind of subjective. I’m creating art but not what I would call a ‘finished’ composition. The books are also turning out to be more of a challenge than I previously though it would be. I’m reading through the Old Testament and at the same time I was reading Dante’s Divine Comedy. Both at once was a little more dark than I’m use to. I’ve switched books and hopefully will make some progress. I’m almost halfway through this and I’m not showing it!!

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The Process of Art – Resin

In Virginia I started experimenting with adding more texture in my paintings. At some point I had the idea of...
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The Process of Art – Watercolor

Watercolor paintings take the least amount of prep work before the actual painting. One of the main aspects is the...
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The Process of Art – Ideas

Artists work in a lot of different methods or processes. Some are exact and meticulous, planning every step of the...
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5 Before 50

Belleair Coffee Company & Roastery, Belleair Bluffs I had an early appointment for a lab draw this cold Valentine morning....
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Family, Food and Fighting

With a title like that you know I’m talking about Thanksgiving.  I have a big Southern family. My amazing grandmother...
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Why not now?

Bucket you have one? I think everyone has some sort of vague idea of things they’d like to do...
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Not Lacking, Just Impatient

The Coffee Mill, Largo, FL This little gem is tucked away off the main roads at the edge of Largo....
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48 not 38

Sharing the crumbs of my muffin with a house sparrow. Indian Shores Coffee, Indian Shores, Florida This is my first...
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Update During the Shutdown

Front Porch, Largo, FL When I wrote my first  Coffee House Conversation almost 2 months ago, I envisioned visiting a...
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Taking Advantage of a Quick Stop

Coffee and baklava at Astoria Pastry Shop in Belleair Bluff, Florida Astoria Pastry Shop, Belleair Bluffs, FL I decided I...
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I’m a Writer

Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co., Winter Park, FL This was always the image I had in my head when I...
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5 Ways Show Your Love With Art

February is the month of love or the month of proving you love someone by spending a ton of money...
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Even Artists Have to do Inventory

One of my goals this year is to complete a total inventory of my artwork. That may sound easy to...
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Planning for 2018

This was part of my overall goals and priorities for 2018 (read the whole list here). I usually have some...
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2017 Annual Report

It's that time of year to look over my business goals and accomplishment for the past year. I started off...
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The Good, the Bad, the Hopeful

As many of you saw last week, I was accepted into Arts in the Village Gallery.  This gallery is run...
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Breaking Some Rules

The big reveal! No, it’s not a baby thing, it’s a website thing. I decided a month ago my website...
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Feeling Empty…and it’s Wonderful!

I’m writing this post sitting outside on a deck at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. I have a cup of coffee...
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The Seesaw: Attempting to Balance Life

Ah…that elusive word…Balance. The Holy Grail of our modern existence. We have to do so much, we want to do so much, we need to do...
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What I Make My Art With

When you are looking at art in a gallery or on a website, the ‘medium’ is generally a part of...
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