One of the biggest dilemmas when commissioning a painting is the medium, Acrylic or Pastel. Initially, the pastel looks more attractive because it appears to be less expensive. While I do charge significantly less for pastels since they are far less time consuming than acrylics, the cost difference is negated when framing is factored in.

Pastels must be framed to be displayed. I will include instructions for framing pastels with the completed painting. Pastels must be framed under glass instead of Plexi-glass due to static electricity.

I paint on “gallery-wrapped” canvas meaning that the canvas is stapled or tacked to the back of the stretcher bars instead of the side. This allows me to paint the sides of the painting as well as the front. My acrylic paintings can be hung without a frame. I can also use different profiles widths depending on your framing intentions. This does not add to the cost of the portrait. Acrylics do not need any glass or matboard, just the frame.

I can provide suggestions on framing, but I do not mat or frame the completed painting. Please consider the added cost of framing when deciding upon medium (pastel or acrylic) and size.