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I’m an artist, writer and instructor living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I’m grateful you are here on my site and I hope you are enjoying what you see. To learn more about me click here.

Yes! Selling my art is part of how I am able to keep creating more! Most of my original artwork that is available for sale is listed here on my shop page. You don’t need to ‘contact me’ to know how much my artwork is or any other information such as the size or medium it is created in.

Some artwork is already sold but listed as a reference of my style and abilities. Available and or not is clearly indicated in my shop…as well as my prices.

Again, yes! A lot of my original artwork is very large which tends to be more costly. Reproductions (prints) are a way for you to choose the size that fits your space, as well as making my art affordable for any budget. I currently offer giclée quality prints both in open and limited edition printings.

Some of my art can be found on other products such as mugs, phone cases, pillows and more in my Society 6 shop.

Giclée (zhee-clay) printing refers to the print style of my reproductions. It is a high resolution inkjet printing process using archival pigment-based inks on archival paper. These standards ensures better longevity than a standard poster or a home printer.

Most art prints are giclées as opposed to lithography or engraving techniques that were used several decades ago. For more information about giclée printing (from my actual printer) click here.

I offer both Limited Edition and Open prints.

My Limited Edition Prints are giclée quality prints with a set amount of prints created. For each LE Print I have re-signed and numbered the print and I also include a Certificate of Authenticity. When creating my LE Prints, I worked directly with the printers to evaluate and tweak the accuracy of the art reproduction. The entire edition of the prints are then sent to me to sign, number and resell. Limited edition prints are clearly labeled (and not on my website at this time…working on it!). Limited Edition Prints are generally considered more valuable by collectors due to the exclusivity of the production.

I recently started offering Open Edition Prints, meaning the artwork can be printed endlessly. These prints are also giclée quality but are not re-signed or numbered and do not include a Certificate of Authenticity. Also, since these are printed only after being ordered by a third party site, I do not have the rigid control over the color that I did when creating Limited Edition Prints. Open Edition prints are still high quality and can be offered at a more affordable price than original artwork or Limited Edition Prints.

Prints of my artwork offered on third party sites such as Fine Art America or Society 6 can vary in print quality since they offer more print substrates (paper, canvas, wood etc.) All prints on those sites are considered Open Edition.

I currently offer free shipping of all my artwork, reproductions and products to the continental United States and Canada. At this time I do not ship to any other countries. More details can be found here.

All sales are final with exceptions for badly printed or damaged shipments. Read more here.

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You tell me! Feel free to contact me with questions or comments at charlotte@demolay.com.