2023 Annual Review

2023 was an…um…trying year. From the tone of the memes and Tik-toks, I think we all struggled a bit over this past year.  I will say overall it was a good year, just hard. Shift…and Still Shifting I started the year trying to figure out how to shift my art and teaching. I had spent Keep Reading

100 Books in 2022

If you know me, especially if you followed my 5 Before 50 posts, you know I’m a reader. I read a LOT! I’m in that season of life where kids aren’t interrupting me and my husband finally gets that I NEED to read. I’d rather binge read than binge watch any time. I’ve been tracking Keep Reading

5B450 – The Miles

Obsessions, Knees and Spinning – Why I Probably Won’t Hit 500 Miles Of the 5 goals I truly thought this was the one I would achieve. It’s the only one that kept pace with the time as I tracked my progress. I did make a big alteration how I counted miles. That’s where the obsession Keep Reading

5B450: The Books

I have just over a month left on my 5 Before 50 Challenge and the most surprising challenge has been the books. I set a goal to read 5 significant books before my birthday. One of those I quickly decided was going to be the Bible. I’ve read many portions of the Old and New Keep Reading

The Process of Art – Resin

In Virginia I started experimenting with adding more texture in my paintings. At some point I had the idea of creating layers of depth with resin. I’m not sure where I first saw art resin but it looked promising. Most artwork created with resin uses it either as the art itself through dyes and imbedded Keep Reading