You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

~Maya Angelou

Currently I use Skillshare as the platform for my online classes. Skillshare is a subscription based platform that give you access to thousands of classes, not just my few! They are always running some sort of trial so you can ‘try before you buy’ a subscription. Check out this blog post if you’d like to know why I chose Skillshare.

My goal is to have a variety of classes for different skill levels, plus some inspiration ‘creativity’ classes to spark the creative flame in everyone!

Living a Creative Life

Inspiration for your daily life!

Finding Inspiration in the World Around You

I have learned over the years ways to fill my creative well…how to light that creative spark. Being creatively inspired is sometimes just changing your perspective on how you view things and how you view the world around you.

In Creative Spark: Outside, I’ll show you some of the ways that I use the outdoors to light my creative spark. In these short videos I’ll give you tips for getting outside, places to go and different things you may not have thought of for fueling your creativity.

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Watercolor Fundamentals

This series is based on my ‘in-person’ basic watercolor class. It starts with basic techniques and will strengthen your skills with projects designed to practice those techniques.

Watercolor Fundamentals Make a Technique Book Cover Image

Watercolor basics to create great artwork!

In this class you will learn fundamental techniques for creating watercolor paintings. We will begin with an overview of watercolor supplies. Then we will explore washes, wet on wet, layering, dry brush, stippling and a variety of texture techniques. You will gain experience in using these common watercolor basics and feel more confident for future classes and art projects.

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Practice your fundamentals on a Coastal landscape

 Get in a summer mood with a coastal landscape painting! Practice some watercolor fundamental techniques by painting a simple seascape. We’ll step through a graduated wash, masking fluid, wet-on-wet, dry brush and splattering. You’ll not only create a finished painting in this class, but you will also be more confident in identifying and using these techniques in future paintings. 

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Coffee Break Art

Coffee Break Art is for the art and crafting enthusiast or for someone looking to learn a quick new skill. These classes are designed for beginners, learners or anyone who wants to do a quick, creative project.

Do you love to Doodle?

Do you ever look at Doodles for inspiration and get confused by their complexity? Have you tried learning about Doodles and got overwhelmed by all the patterns and names? This class is for you! We will break down Doodling into simple parts that are easy to apply to your own creations.

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Basic color theory for coloring enthusiasts.

We will start with a simple color wheel and color combinations. Next we’ll add to our wheel and look at the effects of those color combinations. Then we’ll explore basic coloring materials and play with how to use them for our color schemes. We’ll conclude with easy shading and highlighting techniques to create depth in the doodle.

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