48 not 38

Indian Shores Coffee
Sharing the crumbs of my muffin with a house sparrow.

Indian Shores Coffee, Indian Shores, Florida

This is my first venture out to a coffee shop since the pandemic shut so much down this year. I have to admit I haven’t been as motivated to head out for coffee since I moved. My back porch is very inviting and my favorite coffee hangout these days.

Today called for doing something special though because it is my 48th birthday. This is one of those weird years like 28 or 38 that you know the next decade is inevitable but you’ve got a couple more years to dread? anticipate? lie about it?

I have to admit I typed 38 twice will trying to state which birthday year it was. Maybe that’s because I’m feeling pretty good this year. I’m living in paradise, on a path to healing and health and in a really happy phase in my marriage (which hit 25 years last month). 

I’ve still got some stressors. Anything on national news, trying to finalize (re: make money) on several projects I’m working on… but on the whole…as the t-shirts say…Life is good.

Your Thoughts?

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