100 Books in 2022

If you know me, especially if you followed my 5 Before 50 posts, you know I’m a reader. I read a LOT! I’m in that season of life where kids aren’t interrupting me and my husband finally gets that I NEED to read. I’d rather binge read than binge watch any time. I’ve been tracking Keep Reading

5B450 – The Miles

Obsessions, Knees and Spinning – Why I Probably Won’t Hit 500 Miles Of the 5 goals I truly thought this was the one I would achieve. It’s the only one that kept pace with the time as I tracked my progress. I did make a big alteration how I counted miles. That’s where the obsession Keep Reading

5B450: The Books

I have just over a month left on my 5 Before 50 Challenge and the most surprising challenge has been the books. I set a goal to read 5 significant books before my birthday. One of those I quickly decided was going to be the Bible. I’ve read many portions of the Old and New Keep Reading

5 Before 50

Belleair Coffee Company & Roastery, Belleair Bluffs I had an early appointment for a lab draw this cold Valentine morning. On the way there I was listening to a podcast, Live Free Creative by Miranda Anderson. She just turned 39 and was talking about making a 4 before 40 list. She went over ideas from Keep Reading

48 not 38

Indian Shores Coffee, Indian Shores, Florida This is my first venture out to a coffee shop since the pandemic shut so much down this year. I have to admit I haven’t been as motivated to head out for coffee since I moved. My back porch is very inviting and my favorite coffee hangout these days. Keep Reading

Update During the Shutdown

Front Porch, Largo, FL When I wrote my first  Coffee House Conversation almost 2 months ago, I envisioned visiting a new or favorite coffee shop every week. And then the world stopped.  In all fairness, I was missing the weekly deadline all on my own. I did visit one other place before the Covid-19 lockdown, Keep Reading