Not Lacking, Just Impatient

The Coffee Mill, Largo, FL

This little gem is tucked away off the main roads at the edge of Largo. Looks like they are opening tours of a roasting room fairly soon. That seems like a neat feature to have a coffee house roast their own beans.

I’ve spent this past weekend and the early part of this week in a bit of retrospection. I’m enjoying what I’m doing (art and creating classes) but I don’t seem to have my zip and enthusiasm for getting through the day. 

I dug up past purpose planning materials, ideal days, goals, bucket lists, etc. I was looking to see where I had gotten off track. The creative life I’m able to work on daily is what I want but something was missing. As I waded through the past several years I noticed trends in my goals and desires.

Even though my strategies and methods changed, the end goals seemed pretty consistent.

  • Good health.
  • Good relationships with family and friends.
  • Ongoing spiritual development.
  • Modest but measurable financial success in my endeavors.
  • Continuously learning.

As I look at my life today, I see I’m still striving for the same goals but it’s the progress that is slow. And because I’m a recovering Type A, slow progress leads to impatience. 

My conclusion is not that something is ‘missing’ in my life, I’m just not being patient enough. This is definitely about the journey right now, not the destination.  Now I just have to figure out how to remind myself of this often enough to chill out my Type A side. 

Any suggestions?

Your Thoughts?

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