2023 Annual Review

2023 was an…um…trying year. From the tone of the memes and Tik-toks, I think we all struggled a bit over this past year.  I will say overall it was a good year, just hard. Shift…and Still Shifting I started the year trying to figure out how to shift my art and teaching. I had spent Keep Reading

Family, Food and Fighting

With a title like that you know I’m talking about Thanksgiving.  I have a big Southern family. My amazing grandmother is still our matriarch at the age of 96. She’s has 4 children, 8 grandchildren (of which I’m the oldest and only girl, can we say spoiled?), 12 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandson. This doesn’t Keep Reading

Why not now?

Bucket Lists…do you have one? I think everyone has some sort of vague idea of things they’d like to do before ‘kicking the bucket.”  I did one of my things last week. I dyed my hair pink. I know that’s a tame one for a bucket list but I have wanted to do this since Keep Reading

Hello, again!

When I decided to update the look of my website, I debated long and hard about bringing over my old blog. Reading through several years of posts…there were some good ones (and not so good ones!) In the end, I wanted this site to be fresh and new and so I decide the blog should Keep Reading