The Seesaw: Attempting to Balance Life

Ah…that elusive word…Balance. The Holy Grail of our modern existence. We have to do so much, we want to do so much, we need to do so much. How do we balance it all?

I headed back out into the workforce a few weeks ago. With the move, I lost all my students. I’ve explored teaching option here in Virginia and decide I’m too impatient to start that chapter over in the same form it was in Texas. One of the biggest deciding factors is I don’t have a 17 year reputation and relationship with my community any more!

Income Options

I’m working on several options to regain my teaching income. First is converting my classes to online format. My first class, Drawing a Doodle, is already on Skillshare. I’m in the middle of production on my second, Coloring a Doodle.

I also decided see what type of part-time job I could find in the area. I was extremely lucky to find one that lets me pursue another of my passions, sustainable living. I love my job so far, especially because I’m out of my studio and around other people and it is only roughly 20 hours per week.

This leaves me time to continue my art career…sort of. Now comes the hard part: Balance. I still have all my mom/wife/housekeeping duties and I’m determined to not let my art drop as severely as the last time I worked outside the home.


Me at a Scout camp out in 2007

So how do I do it all? Make lists, prioritize, and understand it won’t all be perfectly done at the perfect time. I’ve divided my art business into several sections (this post coming soon) and instead of working a little on each one every week, I’m having to concentrate on one or two at a time. I check any deadlines coming up and then see what pressing projects I need to work on for the week. (This week is writing and creation.)

At home it is working the same way. The rain never seems to end here in Northern Virginia so when the sun shows up for a few minutes, I run outside to mow/garden/etc. We had visitors this weekend so it was time to get some neglected cleaning done. My house and yard aren’t perfect but I’m keeping my head above water.

Balance…for a second

The biggest thing I’ve discovered is that it is less about ‘balance’ and more like a seesaw. I find each week something takes a higher priority and by the end of the week… *BAM* ,,,, I’ve hit my butt on the ground. The next week is another priority so I kick off from the ground, slide to the other end and …*BAM* …I do it again.

This is ok though, because for a very brief second, as one end rises and the other lowers, they meet in the middle and, voila! Balance! Just don’t blink or you’ll miss the moment!

A dog plays on a seesaw with children in Scotland,
By Photographes du National Geographic ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Your Thoughts?

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