Feeling Empty…and it’s Wonderful!

I’m writing this post sitting outside on a deck at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. I have a cup of coffee beside me, everyone else is inside asleep and I am soooooo relaxed.

I had thought this post would be about inspiration (and there may be one of those later), because a great deal of my work is coastal and stems from this very area. I have found that this trip I am just relaxing. We’ve been busy…playing in the ocean, kayaking, shell hunting…but we’ve also taken naps, worked on a puzzle and I’ve done quite a bit of sitting and reading.

I’ve definitely had moments of inspiration but instead of filling up I feel like I’m emptying out. That sounds a little crazy and counterproductive but I think it’s just right. I’ve had a very, very busy year (haven’t we all?) and everything that I’ve been juggling rattles around in my head, on my calendar, on my to-do list. It’s been a constant Did I? Do I need to? In other words…life.

Now I’m starting to feel empty. Empty of worrying and scurrying. There is nothing on my calendar, I haven’t even opened my to-do list once. It is a very peaceful feeling.

I know just as soon as we start driving home my mind will start to fill back up again, but maybe I can keep it a little tidier. Kind of like cleaning out that one closet that somethings falls out of every time you open it. Now my closet is empty…and I’m going to put things back a little more carefully!

Your Thoughts?

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