The Good, the Bad, the Hopeful

As many of you saw last week, I was accepted into Arts in the Village Gallery.  This gallery is run by a cooperative group of artists through the Loudoun Arts Council. It is located in a beautiful, newish shopping center at the edge of Leesburg along one of the main road.

It is a beautiful space, the gallery is well run and gets a good amount of foot traffic because of its location. I’m excited to be a part of this group. That’s the Good.

The Bad is that we are closing December 31st. I learned this the evening of the same day I hung my artwork! Talk about a let down!

The shopping center had graciously allowed the gallery to be in that location for 6 years with a very reduced rental rate. They have a tenant ready for that space now. They offered us a another space but it is smaller and less trafficked so we are passing on it.

The Hopeful is that we’ll find another place more suitable. I’d love a space where I could start classes again. Finding that balance between affordable rent and foot traffic is the key. Fortunately, I’m on the board of the Loudoun Arts Council so I get to be a part of all the discussions (as a Council and as an Artist).

I’m a big believer that when one door closes another opens so we’ll see. But if you happen to be in Leesburg, Virginia, before December 31, 2017…come check out my work hanging on the walls at Arts in the Village!

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