2023 Annual Review

2023 was an…um…trying year. From the tone of the memes and Tik-toks, I think we all struggled a bit over this past year.  I will say overall it was a good year, just hard. Shift…and Still Shifting I started the year trying to figure out how to shift my art and teaching. I had spent Keep Reading

The Process of Art – Resin

In Virginia I started experimenting with adding more texture in my paintings. At some point I had the idea of creating layers of depth with resin. I’m not sure where I first saw art resin but it looked promising. Most artwork created with resin uses it either as the art itself through dyes and imbedded Keep Reading

The Process of Art – Watercolor

Watercolor paintings take the least amount of prep work before the actual painting. One of the main aspects is the paper. I also use all types of paper from inexpensive student grade to very expensive large sheets. Most of my sketch type work or paintings I intend to scan are done on less expensive paper. Keep Reading

The Process of Art – Ideas

Artists work in a lot of different methods or processes. Some are exact and meticulous, planning every step of the way. Some are spontaneous and loose, throwing their ideas out into the world and rapidly as they can. My artistic process is somewhere in the middle. Looking for Ideas Like most visual artists, I keep Keep Reading

Breaking Some Rules

The big reveal! No, it’s not a baby thing, it’s a website thing. I decided a month ago my website needed a new look. First, it was time. Trends change, my artwork has changed a bit, it was time to update. The second, and driving reason, was…I sell my artwork. What?!? You can buy all Keep Reading

What I Make My Art With

When you are looking at art in a gallery or on a website, the ‘medium’ is generally a part of the description. For Netted by Perceptions (right), I list this as “Acrylic” meaning it’s an acrylic painting. This conjures an image of me standing in front of my easel with paintbrush in hand painting happily away. Keep Reading

Whoa…Big News

…I’m moving…a long (ish) ways away! My family and I will be relocating to Virginia at the end of this month. This is an exciting move as my family is spread out along the East coast from New York to Florida. This is a daunting move as we’ve had a life here in Texas for 20 years and in our Keep Reading