Planning for 2018

This was part of my overall goals and priorities for 2018 (read the whole list here). I usually have some business goals and occasionally creative goals.


  • Continue to explore Art Resin
  • Watercolor portraiture

I don’t like setting hard numbers on creativity (ie. make 24 paintings this year) because, well, it stifles my creativity! Also I may work on a huge painting which takes much more time. Last year I set some rough ‘square inch’ goals but it really didn’t motivate me so I didn’t bother this year.


  • 3 Exhibits
  • Gallery Space

I think this has been the same goal for as long as I can remember! The only time it changes is when I’m in a gallery.


  • Create another Skillshare class

I’m setting just 1 as a goal but I hope that if I can get in the groove with video editing, I’ll be able to make more.


  • Quarterly Newsletter (February, May, August, November)
  • Blog 26 times (every other week)
  • Post regularly on Facebook and Instagram

With the Facebook announcement about the changing News feed (read here), I may need to rethink Facebook. I’ve never had an ad (thought about it for 2018, we’ll see) or tried to openly sell artwork on my page. I use my page to interact with my fans. If you see less from me, it may be Facebook, not me. Follow me on Instagram and sign up for my newsletter to engage with me more fully.


  • List ALL my artwork on my site (older work, bin work (aka small works), notecards and prints).
  • Set up a POD (print on demand) site.

With my new site being more ‘buyer friendly’ I want to get everyone in one place instead of going to other site like Etsy. I’ve researched making prints of my artwork for a while now and have decided a print on demand site will be much better than trying to print myself. They can offer more options and already have the equipment.


  • Complete Art Inventory

I’ve been needing to do this for a while. I have a record of all of my art in a notebook, but if I ever lose that I’d be in trouble! I created a spreadsheet and have most of my art in it but I really need to do an actual physical inventory and make sure I know exactly where all my art is.

Your Thoughts?

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