What Do Art Resin and Video Have in Common?

(scroll to bottom for video)

For me it’s stepping out of a box while filming what’s in the box. I have been wanting to create some online classes for several months now. I have quite a few ideas for classes (I have been at this teaching thing for a while!) but my hold up has been the video process.

How do I video?
What do I say?
How long?
Where do I put my videos?

All of this plus the nervousness of being ON the video. Those who know me well will find that statement a bit of a shock. I have no fear at all of public speaking. I can speak in front of large groups, small groups, adult groups, preschool groups…I really do enjoy it. I have even been filmed for news clips and had no problem with it.

Last year I was part of a series of videos the Wylie Independent School District filmed on careers of the students’ parents. (See the video here.) Their film contractor was great, but instead of me talking to him, he asked general questions and I was to talk to the camera. That was unnerving. There was no body language to read. No interactive dialogue. No natural pauses or ends. It made me nervous..me! nervous!

So I’ve been doing a LOT of reading and a LOT of video watching over the past couple of months. I’m working on some outlines and my first class is in the works. In the meantime I’m working on getting comfortable talking through a machine instead of in a regular classroom. Below is my first art video ever. I’m trying some small steps to answer some of that list of questions above.

Also, this a new technique I’m experimenting with incorporating into my art. Since Art Resin is not a common term, I figured this video would both demonstrate what I’m referring to as well as help me learn. It’s a little long but…baby steps! Enjoy!