New Directions

Into the Unknown
Into the Unknown, acrylic, 36″x24″

If you’ve been following my Facebook or Instagram account you’ve seen some of my latest paintings. These look a little different. I’ve taken a new, yet old direction in my work. (Just for reference, on this post images on the left are newer, older is on the right).

Just a Phase, acrylic, 30″x18″

For the past 15 years I’ve described my style as loose, painterly realism. Some of my biggest influence is from the Impressionist. The subject is easy to identify but obviously not a photograph. I composed paintings of subjects I loved while exploring texture and the sculptural qualities of the paint.

Window View: Sunroom, acrylic, 12″x12″

My current paintings are actually a nod to some of my post-college work. For some reason I have always been fascinated with lines. Especially lines against organic shapes. Right out of college I experimented with some lines in paintings that was very reminiscent of Piet Mondrian  It was one of these earlier works that inspired my new direction. I completed Body Image in November of 1997. Twenty years later I was staring at the painting (it hangs in my bathroom) and felt that pull towards lines again.

Body Image, acrylic, 24″x20″

This time it looks a little different but I’m heading towards lines again. I do feel this new direction is definitely an evolution vs. a total throwback. I’m still fascinated with texture and the physical presence of my paintings. Tough to see in the photos but many of the paintings have actual physical dimension from the layers…both through brush and palette knife work.

Little Trees, acrylic, 7″x5″

I’m really excited about exploring this new direction and I hope you’ll follow along during my journey. I’ll continue to post new artwork and posts about my inspiration and techniques.

I want to play around a bit with videoing work in progress but that is a TOTALLY new realm for me. If you have any advice or product suggestions, I’d love to hear it!