Challenge Accepted

I came across the 100 Artworks Challenge while browsing other artists’ Instagram photos a couple of weeks ao. I went to the author’s blog, Artist.Writer.Dreamer and decided this was just what I needed! I’ve been doing great with the business side of my art in 2015 but I’ve spent too few hours in the studio. By accepting this challenge (and I LOVE challenges/goals/etc.), this would force me to get behind the easel and get painting.PicsArt_1426426951702

The parameters for the challenge are to create 100 works of art with the same medium, size and subject. I’ve chosen to revisit my pastels, work with a manageable 8”x10 (or 10”x8”) format and go a little loose with the subject matter…still lifes. I think I would get completely bored doing the same or similar subject 100 times so still lifes gives me some flexibility. I’m going to *try* to work from life instead of a photo, but if subject matter is scarce…I may look through my photos archives.

The object of the challenge is to see growth over the 100 paintings. I’ve been feeling a bit rusty lately so I’m hoping I will see progress. At the very least, I’ll get some painting done.

This also forced/inspired (isn’t it the same sometimes?) to learn how to integrate Paypal with my site. I normally put all small works up on Etsy for ease of purchasing. Paypal has this nifty little tool called the ‘buy now’ button. I don’t have to work with any type of shopping cart application, you can just hit ‘Buy Now.’ It will take you right into Paypal where all major credits cards are accepted and protected by one of the biggest sites for online payments. For now I’ll just have the smaller works, larger work require more shipping issues.

Below is the first painting of this challenge, Sweet Peppers. As of this writing I’ve completed a grand total of 3. Only 97 more to go!

All paintings for this adventure can be found in my Artwork Gallery here.  Etsy shop for small works CBDArtStudio.

Sweet Peppers
Sweet Peppers